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Even today, the lack of drinking water in Madagascar has a devasting impact. Children are particularly vulnerable. Parents who cannot purchase water (at exhorbitant prices) are obliged to resort to contaminated river water or water from polluted wells and containers. This is the case for 87% of the rural Malagasy population in the south. At least 25% of under-5 mortality is traceable to water-related diseases.

Other negative effects of the lack of drinking water on children are physical and cognitive stunting and missed school days. Girls, who are the primary water fetchers, are disproportionally affected, closing down their opportunities for education and economic development. Climate change and demographic trends only intensify the urgency for safe water solutions.


It is in the municipality of South Amboasary that the Rotary e-Club Satellite Paris-Nord Nouvel Horizon and the Rotary Club Antanarivo Vovonana, with the support of the Amboasary Town Administration, have decided to carry out their Heliowater project:

  • Provide safe drinking water free to a primary school for 600 children with the installation of a HELIO farm,

  • Set up an education programme on water hygiene practices and sanitation.



The HELIO technology was selected because, as indicated by a former resident of Amboasary, now involved in development aid in the south of Madagascar, Hugues Emmanuel Randriamifidy, it appears to be "the most fitted to this context because of its simplicity of installation, use and maintenance and its long lifetime. The municipality's staff will be trained to operate HELIO to supply drinking water to the school. It is also non-polluting, which makes it a sustainable solution for the community"

For these reasons HELIO has been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label.

Your donation* will be used to co-finance this Heliowater project in Amboasary: for each donation of 100€, you will contribute to supply drinking water to 1 child for 3 years.

* Entitled to a tax reduction of up to 60% if you are a company, 66% if you are an individual subject to French tax.



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HELIO modules are already financed by partner companies

These modules guarantee

the supply of drinking water to

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25 children

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A New Design - Fait avec PosterMyWall (8

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Public primary school of Amboasary-Centre - Photo credit Club Rotary Antananarivo Vovonana