When the sun creates water…


Make drinking water accessible to the 800
million people around the world who lack safe, 
clean water.


HelioWater can turn any type of water into safe drinking water, including seawater and polluted water !

HelioWater is

  • Powered only by the renewable energy of the sun,

  • Autonomous, affordable and sustainable,

  • Indispensable for humanitarian projects and disaster relief,

  • Delivered in a box, easy to transport, install and operate.

The HelioWater process of distillation and mineralization guarantees water of the highest quality.

Its high level of productivity has never been reached until now: each module of 1 m² produces 10 liters of water / day (value obtained under conditions of solar radiation of 8 kW / m² / day)

HelioWater is designed to be

  • Quick and easy to install,

  • Extremely low maintenance (long service life, over30 years),

  • Resistant to weather and storms,

  • Profitable.

HelioWater is particularly suitable for refugee camps or coastal populations, where the local available water may be unsafe for human consumption.

HelioWater produces pure, distilled water which may be needed for use in hospitals.


Reinventing the water cycle

HelioWater reproduces what the planet has been doing since the beginning of time.

Water projects with sustainable impact have been identified for communities in need of access to safe drinking water.

Installing HelioWater

With your help, Rotary will contribute to the supply and installation of HelioWater parks around the world.

Service above self

Our objective is to make a contribution to enable mankind to overcome the obstacles to scarce drinking water on the planet.


How does HelioWater work ?


HelioWater produces drinking water through:

  • Evaporation

  • Condensation

  • Mineralization

HelioWater treats all types of water
100% autonomous
Runs on renewable energy sources only
Low cost

Easy to install:

  • Adaptable to specific local needs

  • Coupling of modules possible for capacity expansion

  • 1 module produces 10 liters/day, enough water for 5 persons

  • Quick to install

  • Long service life (more than 30 years)

Materials are 100% recyclable
Resistant to bad weather
Simplified maintenance


How you can participate ?

Sustainable projects have been identified for populations in need of access to safe water.
Whoever you are, we need your involvement and your support.
Please help us by making a donation.



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HelioWater, invented and developed by Marine Tech, is 
financed with the help of the European Union and its European Regional Development Fund, 
The HelioWater initiative is supported by the Rotary e-Club France D1780.